Monday, June 15, 2009

Proud parents....

My father,Jose.My eldest brother,Joberth.My sister inlaw,Neriah.My beautiful Mother,Asing.
They are very proud that at the second time,their able to walk in the isle one of their children.
Sometimes,I am wondering what if my own children getting married.I'm not ready for it,But.I am kinda excited.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My younger brother....

The last time i saw him his innocent,young and sweet.His my buddy and a bodyguard every time i went somewhere his always with me.We drink and drunk together with his friends.He think that i am a cool sister because i let him do things that my parent won't let him.I am happy for him at the same time i am sad.Because my baby brother his not a baby anymore.In fact,his going to have a baby in his own.

Thinking of you....

I cannot believe i wake up 9:30 this morning and so tired.I call at my work and let them know i can't come today.Instead i will be there tomorrow.Thank God,Their nice people.So,here i am bored i talk to my friend and then make lunch and put the boys in bed for a nap.Sometimes,i can't understand myself.Sometimes i feel so strong and then i feel depress.I don't know if this is normal but for me is not.And the bad thing is,i don't want to do anything.It is hard because i can't do that,i have two children to take care for heaven sake!But,their also a time like last night i spent until midnight cleaning the whole house.I don't think so,i get crazy.My mind still very clear,i am sure with that.Oh,will maybe i just miss my family back home in Philippines.I chat my sister last night and my younger brother,and again he told me that he won't go home until i also coming home.And that make me sad....while i thinking about my brother said last night.