Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thinking of you....

I cannot believe i wake up 9:30 this morning and so tired.I call at my work and let them know i can't come today.Instead i will be there tomorrow.Thank God,Their nice people.So,here i am bored i talk to my friend and then make lunch and put the boys in bed for a nap.Sometimes,i can't understand myself.Sometimes i feel so strong and then i feel depress.I don't know if this is normal but for me is not.And the bad thing is,i don't want to do anything.It is hard because i can't do that,i have two children to take care for heaven sake!But,their also a time like last night i spent until midnight cleaning the whole house.I don't think so,i get crazy.My mind still very clear,i am sure with that.Oh,will maybe i just miss my family back home in Philippines.I chat my sister last night and my younger brother,and again he told me that he won't go home until i also coming home.And that make me sad....while i thinking about my brother said last night.

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